Sure Heat Company History

    Michael Mulberry, Sure Heat Manufacturing’s founder, first began experimenting with gas logs in 1980. In his basement he created the most realistic logs from castings made from real timbers, and traditionally hand painting the logs. Mr. Mulberry had the desire to create the highest quality gas log sets available on the market.

    The long hours and years spent designing and crafting innovations are largely tantamount to our current commitment to designing and producing the best possible products. In 1989 Sure Heat manufactured its first vented fireplace gas logs for high-end retail markets. Vent-free gas logs sets were introduced into Sure Heat’s line of products five years later in 1994, widely expanding Sure Heat’s customer base.

    After Sure Heat’s successful growth in the Hearth industry, owner Michael Mulberry decided that it was time for an even larger addition to the product line. In 1998 Sure Heat Manufacturing proposed concepts for its first stainless steel gas grill. Sure Heat entered the outdoor grill market much as it had approached the Hearth market nearly a decade earlier, with a mission to develop products that achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

    A year later, Sure Heat stainless steel grills were introduced to consumers in the Home Center market. The most successful of the grills, the world-class Altima series, which was awarded the VESTA Award for Best Gas Barbecue in 2001. It was one of the first to feature a standard burner and infrared burner combination, Fire Brick oven liner for even cooking, seamless hood design, and a mirror polished finish. The innovation of the Altima grill series permeated years later when in 2005 it was recognized with the ADEX Platinum Award for Best in Design.

    Sure Heat Manufacturing’s success with outdoor patio products grew after the introduction of the Altima series grills. The company became the OEM manufacturer for several high-end appliance retailers. The increased volume and addition of new products stretched the capacity of Sure Heat’s manufacturing plant in Georgia. In 2004 plans were under way to open a larger facility, and two years later the plan was executed. In 2009, Sure Heat opened a new research and testing facility in Bowling Green, KY to continue to improve their products and provide their customers with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

    Today Sure Heat Manufacturing is proud to offer a diverse line of Patio and Hearth appliances. Recently, indoor and outdoor heaters, as well as its first complete outdoor kitchen series have been added to Sure Heat’s growing line of products.

    Sure Heat Mission

    Sure Heat Manufacturing is a manufacturing company specializing in the development and production of gas related appliances. We want you to enjoy our products just as much as we enjoy creating them, and are proudly committed to:

    • Deliver products whose performance and appearance are in accordance with our tradition of high manufacturing standards
    • Exceed customers’ expectations in quality and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction
    • Serve the customer with the highest level of technical knowledge in the industry
    • Create a working environment where employees can meet their potential and thrive in an atmosphere of excellence.
    • Build recognition by excelling at everything we do

    Sure Heat Vision

    Our vision is to become a world-class corporation-- one that sets the industry standard for quality and technology; one that conducts business as model corporate citizens; and one that creates a growth-oriented environment that calls forth the best in every employee.